Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 30, Isaiah 23 The wealthy prostitute themselves

Here is a judgment against Tyre. Whenever I read or hear this name I think also of Sidon, they're not exactly sister cities but similar in that they are on the shore of the Mediterranean sea and have rivers which empty next to them. A location like this becomes a major trade route and a place of wealth. That's just a basic fact of life which is and will exist as long as we want to trade and move goods. Another sad fact is that all of the world's major trade cities in such locations have and will prostitute themselves and sell anything to make a profit. These once great cities no longer exist because of this and still we've not learned. Should God tarry another millennium, people will someday read of the greatness of New York, or Los Angeles, or Chicago and how it fell due to idolatry and corruption.

Today's workout, 30 mins any cardio

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