Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 4, Isaiah 2:6-22 Fortune tellers and idols

Isaiah lived about 750 years before Christ, and still today men seek information from fortune tellers and worship idols. When I think about fortune tellers I think about the witch of Endor, but not on the moon of Endor. (Sorry but I just couldn't resist). I've met people who say that fortune tellers are real, that the things they've told them actually happened. I believe that because these witches are speaking with demons and if you ask a demon what he has planned for you he'll tell you.  And sometimes it might actually be pleasant.  What would be easier to take someone away from God, being mean to them or giving them stuff?  God says don't seek out your future, He has plans and the experience is all a part of the plan. The worship of idols is constant, today it's not just things but it's people, sports, entertainment, work. People today worship so many different things except God. Would you like to know how to change this? It wouldn't take any changes to laws, no great boycott movement, no public action at all. If the Christians really wanted the idolatry and occult activities to stop then they need to just stop doing it. Don't watch TV shows with immoral characters, don't go to professional sports. Stop reading the daily horoscope. Everything in the Pagan world is driven by money and a very large chunk of the money comes from Christians. 

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