Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9, Isaiah 5:8-30 The wicked will eventually be accountable

My bible heads this section as, Woe to the wicked. A great example again of how the scripture is timeless. People conspiring to take land and build empires. Some calling evil good and good evil, rejoicing in the works of one's own hands, addicted to pleasures. There's an important verse here and one similar comes up in Hosea, here it says my people go into exile for lack of knowledge, Hosea says they perish. This too is a significant problem today. One can easily teach a number of foolish beliefs with little to no opposition but teach the truth found in the scripture and there is resistance. People today do indeed perish for lack of knowledge, the world and it's system does not want the people educated, it's hard to control educated people. But the chapter ends with judgment on the wicked and the promise for God's faithful.  

Today's workout, cardio intervals
knees to elbows, climber, side lunge, windmill, jump rope, squat

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