Friday, March 24, 2017

One thousandth blog post

In this blog post I'm going to ramble on about some things, but you know what, it's MY BLOG. So if you don't like it, too bad.

This is a pretty significant milestone, this blog post is number 1000, which means that I've been daily posting for two years and about nine months.  I'm working on this post about a week in advance, thinking of what I want to say. I'm just going to put down some thoughts in no particular order, some are bad and some are good but that's what life is. Thinking back to when I started writing this it would be about when I severed my bicep tendon. The doctor wasn't sure exactly what happened because my symptoms didn't quite add up. A severed tendon usually drops into the muscle belly and causes what's called "Popeye". I didn't have this. Although it was somewhat painful at first, it didn't get real bad for another year plus, when I finally decided to have surgery. Things worked out well in the end. If I'd had surgery at the time of the injury they either would have cut off the tendon or drilled a hole in the humerus and screwed the tendon there. In which case there would be six to eight months to recover. By my delaying surgery, and because the tendon was so grossly inflamed, it got caught on the bicipital groove transverse ligament and attached itself there. A tenodeses without screws or rehab time. Very cool!

At the same time we were fighting with Vicki's insurance company and the doctors who eventually did her surgery. Learned a lot of lessons through this one. I'm still not convinced that the doctors office did all that they could, every time we spoke with the office I got the impression that they really didn't care how long it took. A lot of frustration in the whole process which I just don't want to relive. My current problem with this is the lack of any post op long term support. I've tried to get something started but meeting just resistance. It's almost like everytime someone makes a suggestion to do something the rest of the people want to get permission from the group mother. Very odd to me.

Reflecting back over these last three years I realize there are some tender areas where people did me wrong that I've not forgotten. I don't think I'm holding a grudge, might be but I think I'm just being prudent. Paul told Timothy about the smith that screwed him, so I take that example. I don't want revenge but I'll not enter any dealings with them again.

On to other topics. I started this blog for a variety of reasons, it puts me in the word every day. I have hopes that it puts others in the word daily too. I did this as a health and fitness site because I'm pretty passionate about being fit. I was fat a long time ago and found what works for me. While it would be nice to have lots of followers, my initial hopes were to just get a few who would come by, read the blog and do the daily workout. To date I have no followers. I know there are a handful of people that read this from a Facebook feed but not 1 actual blog subscriber. Addressing Facebook feeds. I currently link this page from my personal page only. I used to post a link on a Christian feed also but someone from that group asked me to stop. He said it was a distraction to the group. I left that group.

Something else that I've learned, or I should say rediscovered is that people simply don't communicate well at all. And I am extremely bad at it. A large part of my problem is I hate phones. I know it's a psychological response, like Pavlov's dog but the phone makes me nauseous. I've tried to tell people this on a number of times but very few people listen. It's almost like the fact that people who've known me for years will ask me what color something is. My response is usually either hot pink or really? I'm color blind, pretty much anyone who's been around me for a while figures that out. But that doesn't sink in either. That part I find humorous, the phone is different. Not everyone's call causes distress, I have custom ring tones and that helps. 

Addressing communication, we are failing as a people miserably. We've digressed to e-mail, abbreviated texts, emoji's and tweets. There's little to no personal contact. And to top things off groups look at electronic media as a way to save money instead of sending mail. I've been involved in several groups that sent newsletters at one time then decided to go with e-mail to save money. In every case participation and membership dropped. I really find this a problem in Christian groups, we profess that God provides everything we need and yet won't spend a dollar per person to ensure communication. The typical excuse is that we're being good stewards. Bull! You're just afraid that you won't be able to pay some bill. Form letters are another pet peeve. I've served on weekend's with a number of men and received the exact same form letter. Nothing compares with a hand written letter. Or even better a face to face meeting. 

I have become more cynical in the past year, considering my opinion of people it's hard to imagine that I'm MORE cynical. My attitude for most people is that I expect nothing and if they actually do something I can be surprised. I've been around a lot of people who will say, if you need something just call. Called and got excuses. I don't ask for help much, the fact is that I can do a lot of stuff myself, but occasionally something does come up. In the past two years I've only asked 1 person specifically for help. Something that I can not do but something that this person does every day. In fact it's directly related to his business. He blew me off. I still have the same issue, some day I'll figure something out.

So let's end this on a positive note. Vicki finally had her surgery and her health is much improved. I had my shoulder repaired, bone spurs and lose garbage removed and now it feels great. We moved on to a different church and for the first time in several years feel not like members but like a part. There is a significant difference. I still have some problems but right now life is looking better than it has in a while. There is potential for something really neat to happen yet I'm reserved about it. 

Looking ahead to the next 1000 posts, I really would like to get someone to actually come read the blog and do the workouts. I've offered several times to give anyone who'll make a 12 week commitment all of the equipment they'll need.
That offer still stands. 

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