Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, Isaiah 34. The end is coming and it won't be pretty

To me there is no doubt that this speaks of the final end to this world. First the prophet extorts the nations to simply listen to God. And then I think that we should listen to the world. What's happening in our world? Scripture says it groans under the weight of mans' sins. This is a prophecy of utter destruction of everything opposed to God. And all that it would take to avoid this is to simply listen and pay heed to what we hear. Unfortunately this world will not listen to God, the world wants to make their own god, or be their own god. I certainly don't look for this day with any great expectation or desire and I am certain that God doesn't either. The day will come and when it does it spells a certain hopelessness for so many.

Today's workout, whole body intervals
side lunge, pull up, windmill, hug, Russian twist, triceps extension, box hop, biceps curl

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