Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13, John 13. Easter week Thursday, or Maundy Thursday

The celebration of Easter is more significant to Christians than any other day so I felt it proper to take a look at this event. Thursday was the beginning of the end in a way, it is the day in which Judas turns over Jesus to the religious authorities. Knowing that the end was near, Jesus spends His last hours doing the things which were most important, spending it with His closest friends. DaVinci paints the last supper as simply Jesus and His disciples, although scripture doesn't tell us specifically I think that Mary, Martha, Lazarus and maybe even Nicodemus were there. The name Maundy Thursday comes from a Latin that was first translated to French then to Middle English, sort of like the game we play where we whisper something and it's passed along. The original word was Mandatum, the French Mande. It's meaning is clearly mandate, it refers to the new mandate that Jesus gave. It's in verse 34; A new command I give you, love one another just as I have loved you. And He set the example just before that by washing their feet. To love each other is to serve, to put aside self. It's really not a new commandment, the first and second commandments cover the same thing it's just worded more simply. I think what he meant is don't worry about the rest, if you get this one right then the rest will fall in place.

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