Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, John 18-19. What happened on Good Friday?

We know what the final event was, Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. The method though depicts the depth of evil and depravity that can exist in man. But so much more happened yet each event has just one question asked from each side.
Do you know either the questions or the answers?  The temple guards took Jesus before the high priest, there they asked him several questions but they never got the answer to the one real question. Next Jesus is taken to Pilot and Pilot is the one faced with the real question, But Pilot is truly a politician who is trying to please everyone, or at least please the majority and he avoids the question. Jesus is given over to the soldiers who beat him, they play a brutal game of blindfolding Him and asking him to say whose fist didn't strike him. They too ask of Him the same question, but He doesn't answer. Luke tells us in his gospel that Pilot sent Jesus also to Herod who also asked the question. Finally Jesus is given over to be executed, He's been beaten and flogged, it's truly remarkable that He can still walk and they still ask that same question. The answer is coming but not yet. Have you figured out what they ask? The world today still asks the same thing, here it is; If you are God, then prove it. Jesus' response and return question is that the evidence already proves this, now will you simply believe? 

Today's workout, full body intervals 4 tmes through.
Step, pull up, windmill, lunge, triceps, twist, push up, squat, biceps

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