Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15, Easter Saturday, God is dead

I don't cite any scripture because scripture is silent on things which happened on this day. Jesus was certainly dead, at least the body. And in other places it tells us some of what happened after Jesus died. But let's look at the players in Jerusalem. Jesus' disciples are hiding, afraid of being killed also. Scared and confused, having believed in Him for the last three years and now He's gone. Rome crucified Him but I don't think Rome really cared, the objective there was simply to maintain order. In the temple though there are more problems. They saw Jesus as a threat but now more truths are revealed. The veil is torn and the most holy place is open. The common man can enter into the presence of God. But what else is revealed is that the room in empty. Under The Law, the priest would place blood on the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant, but it's not there. The ark was taken by Babylon 500 years before so in what do they find mercy? No-one could have forseen what that day would bring, where some expected problems to be solved, this brought more. Could there ever be a day in history with more confusion on earth? It would seem that the questions have been answered, He didn't prove that He was God, and people lost faith in Him. 

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