Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 16, Easter Sunday, Matthew 28:1-10 God's not dead!

Jesus has finally answered the question, the challenge that was brought before Him through His life on earth. He has proven that He is indeed God. Where just yesterday there was no hope, now there will always be hope. There is nothing that any enemy can do to erase the fact that Jesus did exactly what He said He would do. The world still today says that Jesus is a myth and they ask the Christians to prove it. I say back, you prove it, show me a body. The scripture says that there was nothing special about Jesus' appearance, he was an average man. But Rome made him different. Had they not brutally beat Him, Rome could produce any average body. But the body of Christ was uniquely marked, thorns pierced His head, His face was beaten, the flesh ripped from His back and a sword thrust in His side. No they could never fake a body beaten as badly as Jesus was. And they could never find the one they beat, because he is risen indeed. God is not dead and He never was, He went to the grave to confront the accuser and redeem His own. Because of this day alone we have hope for eternity.

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