Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, Isaiah 35 Refreshing rain after drought

I think we've all lived through times of drought, we're experiencing one right now in central Florida. While I like not needing to mow the lawn, my bees could use some blossoming flowers. But what I notice about droughts, be them physical or spiritual, as soon as the rain hits, just the first little bit of water we see a change. Today my grass is dry and crunches but just an inch or so of water and it will soak it up and become green and flexible again. This chapter is a promise of that rain in the dry places. I know in my own life when I've been in those dark dry places, it just takes a little rain, just a small drink to lift me back up. Be the small drink in someone's life today.

Today's workout. 36 intervals
step, pull up, windmill, squat, push up, side lunge, biceps curl, hamstrings, triceps

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