Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, Isaiah 37:14-38 God delivers Jerusalem

Hezekiah has no hope except in God, he has no great army to fight against the Assyrians, so he takes the letter into the temple and prays. This is not some mystical formula, I attended a church once where the preacher told the congregation to bring the threatening letters, bills, legal notices, whatever it was and place them on the altar before God. But that's not how this works, we can't manipulate God. God moved for God's reasons, and those were primarily because Sennacherib mocked Him. And because God made a promise to David. Did Hezekiah's humility play a part? Certainly! He didn't try to negotiate, didn't try to form an army or allegiance, he simply acknowledged that he needed God. That combined with the fact that Hezekiah walked with God for most of his life made a difference. Judah was in a predicament because of things they did in the past which they knew were wrong. It's the same way with us, we can't roll a boulder up the hill and then ask God to stop it before it crashes into something at the bottom. The key is to walk with Him every day.

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