Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28, Isaiah 45 Pagan kings are still God's instrument

There are a lot of events and kings from history that I can't understand the how or why, but every nation, every king or kingdom, exists because God allows it. And at times God will use these pagan kings to accomplish His purpose. Cyrus was a great conquerer, secular history tells us much about what he did. God used him to restore the people and rebuild the temple. Later in his life he will acknowledge God. Through most of this chapter God asks the question, will you argue with your creator? There are things happening in the world today that I certainly don't understand, perhaps God is again moving kings and nations to suit His purpose. My purpose, and the purpose of each believer is simply to tell others about Him.

Today's workout, full body intervals
Squat, row, windmill, triceps extension, lunge, hug, hamstring curls, biceps curls

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