Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, Isaiah 27, Slaying the dragon

Prophecy is usually pretty obscure and this is no different. It speaks of redemption and a separation of God'a people from the world, those who have no discernment. It also has some symbolism right in the beginning. The leviathan and the dragon. No-one knows exactly what this means, I wonder if perhaps the leviathans are world governments and the dragon in the sea is the devil in the sea of people. I could be wrong too. Another place where I have mixed feelings, joy to know that as God's child I will find paradise and sorrow for the lost.

Today's workout, Full body intervals, 4 times through 
high step R, push-up, high step L, windmill, pull up, lunge, Russian twist, biceps curl, triceps extension 

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