Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April 4, Isaiah 28:1-13 Why don't we get drunk and ....

That's the title of a song written by Jimmy Buffett in the early 70's. It's the attitude pretty much today and the attitude of most of society in this section. Drunkards from the king down to the peasants in the valley. The guards, priests and prophets are all drunk. One can certainly be drunk with things other than alcohol, power, influence, fame, money these can all be addictions and a form of drunkenness. All of the old pagan religions involved sex and drugs, still that's the same. And the attitude is in the church. I'm amazed at the numbers of professing Christians who believe it's OK to use drugs. Man continues to do the same foolishness generation after generation.

Today's workout.cardio intervals
Step, climber, side lunge, windmill, box hop, squat

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