Friday, April 7, 2017

April 7, Isaiah 30:1-17 Don't partner with pagans

This concept that Christians or Jews should not form partnerships with pagans is taught throughout the scriptures but we simply don't get it. In the case here with Israel, they've totally forgotten their history. They were slaves in Egypt and God brought them out. Why do they constantly go back to Egypt?  By forming these alliances they've also forgotten the words and ways of God. Trusting in self, personal plans and physical might. It always fails, ALWAYS!  In the second section the prophets and seers can't hear from God and the people don't want to hear the truth. Why do you think our government doesn't want the bible taught in schools? Amazing how far we've come, when schools began here in the US they weren't government controlled and they focused on morals, family and community responsibility, and the primary source was the bible. The problem with forming alliances with pagans is that it leads to compromise on the Christian's part.

Today's workout, full body intervals
step, side lunge, push up, windmill, t, climber, row, squat

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