Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 11, Isaiah 58 God, why don't you see my sacrifice?

The apparent topic of this chapter is fasting but that's not really the message. I'll stick with fasting for the purpose of today's reading but you can substitute any other act that's done for religious purposes.  I've posted blogs on fasting before, my position hasn't changed. I still look on fasts as hunger strikes in an attempt to manipulate God. Consider the motivation behind a fast. The most common reason I'm given is that denying the flesh helps the spirit grow closer to God. So the question becomes, who's spirit? The obvious reason is the person fasting and so it's really a selfish thing. God says here that he doesn't see the sack cloth and ashes or the humility, because it's not genuine. Read what He does see, give up the meal that you fast and feed someone who's hungry. But do it for the right reason. Am I feeing the hungry or doing missions work because the bible tells me I should? Here's an examination of character, if someone asks you why do you do something do you respond because God told me to? I think God sighs when we do that, but when the answer is because I see a need and want to help. I think the heavens sing a praise chorus that you've got it. There is one simple message in the scripture, it runs through the whole book and God says it in so many ways to make sure that we get it. Do you see what it is?  I blog about it at least once a week. Love your neighbor.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
step up, windmill, jump rope, squat, climber

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