Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 13, Isaiah 60 Imagine living in perpetual light

To me this chapter speaks of the end time, when all of the people who have not chosen God are gone and God establishes the final kingdom. Here, and in the book of The Revelation it tells us that the sun will no longer give light but God Himself will be the light. Do you ever think about what light is? We see it but can't touch it. Science knows just so little about light, it has particles, and although I wouldn't know how to weigh them they must have weight or mass of some sort. There's so much of what God created that we can't understand. I take the creation story pretty much literally, in the beginning there was nothing and God made light. In John's gospel Jesus says that He is the light. We look at that as a metaphor but what if it's more than that. What if light, in any form is a part of Him? I know, that's some weird deep philosophy. It's just something I'm thinking about this morning, when this current world is no more, and God comes to fulfill the final promises, it says that the sun and moon will no longer give light but God will be our light forever. I like to know how stuff works, but I don't know how that will work.

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