Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14, Isaiah 61 Bring good news to the poor. What good news?

Think about this, what would be good news for someone who is poor? The logical answer is that they can be wealthy, or at least have enough to live on. That's become the message over the years, not in all churches and all places but I do see it a lot. A formula to get out of debt or to rise above poverty by giving to God. And if this doesn't work then you just didn't have enough faith. How many times have we heard that we reap what we sow so we should give more to reap more? Or my all time favorite manipulation, you can't out-give God. Politicians want to appease the poor by promising to take more from the rich and give it to them. None of this is The Good News. The good news that God speaks of is that the way to God isn't through works or wealth or social standing. The good news is that God has come to man. That's it, that's the whole message. God came to man so that man no longer needs to work to get to God. That's real freedom, I no longer need to struggle to do good, 
it's an impossible task. The good news is that it no longer matters, God Himself paid my debts and now I am free. Free to make mistakes and not worry about them. 

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