Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, Isaiah 65:1-16 Here am I, just listen

I'm splitting this chapter over two days as there are some very specific thoughts in here. Contrast to yesterday's plea for God to move, here He says, "Here am I". One could read this and look at nearly any nation today and see how this plays. God is constantly calling people to come to Him but people don't listen. In verse 5 some translations read don't come near for I am too holy, others that I am holier than you, or that I am better than you. I see such a division of class today as not before, maybe it's always been there but it seems to be more evident. The so called educated intellectual lofts themselves above the common man. And we've seen for decades that it's the highly intellectual who deny the very existence of God. God says this behavior is a smoke in His nostrils. This section ends with a prophecy that the people of God will have a time of plenty and those who deny Him will lack. I find it sad in both ways, that today one class lacks and tomorrow another will, all because of self.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
Step, windmill, jump rope, side lunge, climber, squat

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