Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20, Isaiah 66 Do you want to move God? Be humble and fear Him.

The last section of this chapter deals with God's final judgment with fire. As a Christian I have no need to fear this, and also as a Christian I shouldn't be glad for it either. It will mean eternal death for a lot of people who chose not to follow God. But let's look at what God wants. Under The Law it was required to bring sacrifices and offerings, but like most things this became a ritual which lost it's meaning. God makes such an extreme distinction as to compare the grain offering to pig's blood. And God tells us what He wants in verse 2, be humble and revere God. Salvation was never in the offerings and sacrifices, they were a lesson that everything comes from God and that sin requires a steep price. Be glad today that the price has been paid, avoid the rituals and come to God simply because He is God.

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