Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23, Jonah 2. Jonah prays in faith

Still there is no reason for Jonah to believe that he will continue to live, but he knows that in God there is life eternal. We don't know much about Jonah. It is believed that he lived about 140 years after Solomon so he would be familiar with the Torah. If one reads that with understanding then you'll know that God is not God of the dead. Jonah shows faith in his prayer that as he believes he is dieing, he looks forward to seeing God's temple. I don't think he refers to the one Solomon built but the original on which the pattern was given to Moses. I suppose that if the story were only about God reaching Nineveh then Jonah could die here and God could send someone else, but the story isn't about them. It's about God reaching Jonah, and it's about God reaching any of us when we're stiff-necked.

Today's workout. Cardio intervals
Step, windmill, Turkish get-up, Russian twist, squat, jump rope

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