Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 25, Jonah 4:1-4 Jonah the spoil sport

There are a few plausible reasons for Jonah's behavior. One is that he is so self righteous that he feels all evil people must be punished. I'm fairly certain there's an element of this in him. Another possibility is he is so proud of being a prophet that he doesn't want to prophecy and then it not happen. Hence why he didn't want to prophecy Nineveh's destruction only to have God save them. This looks bad on Jonah. And finally he's simply a self centered boob, the fact that he'd rather die than be wrong, or see the entire population of a city destroyed supports the latter. I see all three traits today in a lot of people. They get predictions wrong, think that everyone should agree with them, and there is little concern for the consequences of futily trying to prove themselves right. God asked Jonah, does it do you any good to be angry?  I ask the same question, does it do anyone good to be constantly angry? Somewhere we need to realize that it's not about always being right, and it's never about self. It's God's world and it's all about His grace.

Today's workout. Any cardio 30:00

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