Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 27, Malachi 1 Your trash is not a gift

I think that I can relate to this in some ways. I have a talent to fix just about anything that's broken, and over the years people constantly bring me their junk thinking that since I can fix it, it must be worth something to me. I have learned that a lot of stuff just isn't worth fixing. I never will understand the attitude that giving someone something that's broken is a gift. That's what the people were doing to God. They were bringing the sick and lame animals as an offering. Bringing their trash to the temple as a sacrifice. Today we don't work under a sacrifice system, there is no compulsion to bring anything to God, yet we sometimes do. We have rummage sales to raise funds and whatever is left over is donated to a church to help someone. Why do we think that old worn out clothes, torn books and electronics that don't work will be a gift to someone? There is no requirement to make any offering to God but if you do make it something that's actually of value. David said (I paraphrase), I will not offer to God what cost me nothing.

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