Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 28, Malachi 2 When religion becomes meaningless ritual

This has been on my mind for several weeks now, how we fall into patterns and do things simply because we're expected to. As such maybe I'm seeing this topic more often. Christians are expected to pray before meals, to say that life is simply grand and always just praise God and be thankful. But sometimes we don't feel like that, yet still we do the rituals. In today's chapter both the north and south kingdoms have fallen into idolatry, primarily because they all married pagans, something God expressly forbid Israel to do. And still, even though they are not keeping the Law the priests bring the ritual sacrifice. God says it's like dung that He throws back in their faces. That's pretty strong words. We'll never live up to The Law but I believe that God wants us to strive to. And be honest. If you don't feel thankful or you don't want to do something but do it any way is that really worship? God knows us, everything about us, why lie to Him? Maybe instead of a simple grace I could say, I really don't feel thankful right now but I want to. I believe that God would find the honesty in His people refreshing and maybe by the end of the day I will really feel thankful and not have to fake it.

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