Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, Malachi 3 No you are NOT robbing God

It seems that whenever I hear someone speaking about the book of Malachi I think about this section. Over the years I've heard a lot of sermons on Malachi and I think all of them were on chapter 3 verses 6-15. We need to remember several things though, Malachi was written to the Jews still under The Law. We're not compelled to bring any specific offering or sacrifices but they were. This typically gets manipulated to either make people feel guilty for not giving enough or a false promise that if you give then God will give you a return. It does not say that, it simply tells God's people, at that time what they must do. This plays on people's guilt and greed, very strong base character traits. This is more a history lesson for why Israel was in the state they were in, not a recipe to get wealthy today. All through the scriptures there are some very basic ideas of what God really wants. He wants us to love Him, not by some compulsion and not to receive things, simply love Him for who He is. And giving should always be motivated by a desire to give, not a desire to receive back. So the basic answer is that if you're not bringing a tithe then you're not robbing God but you may be robbing yourself. There is joy in helping others, for some that may be from a financial gift and for others some service. For many I know to bring a tithe is truly a sacrifice. Bring your gift, whatever it may be, with a heart filled with love, and bring it because you truly want to. That is pleasing to God.

Today's workout, push intervals.
Step, push-up, windmill, squat, climber, triceps, lunge, shoulder press.

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