Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30, Malachi 4 The great day of The Lord is coming

This book was written about 400 years before Christ's coming, so about 2400 years ago. The problems with prophecy is that when first proclaimed there is a certain expectation but as the years go by the sense of urgency diminishes. I know that I speak for myself but I think that most believers feel similar. Christ is coming but I just don't expect Him today, and maybe I should. As far as we can tell, all of the prophecies in scripture are fulfilled and we simply wait for His coming. But there are possibilities that we misunderstood something which actually hasn't happened yet. We end the chapter with a promise of Elijah coming. It's said that this was fulfilled in John the baptist but I wonder if there is more to this. If we look back to chapter 3 we see the messenger preparing the way, which John did but are, and were, the hearts of sons and fathers reconciled to God? I think we still wait for that, and there is my prayer. Holy spirit, turn all our hearts to to God.

Today's workout  cardio intervals
Step, climber, windmill, jump rope, Russian twist

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