Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31, James 1 Just hang on, it'll be worth it in the end

This too has been a common theme for me of late. I've grown weary of the saccharin sweet testimonies of the great prosperous Christian life.  More often than not I struggle each day to simply get by. There are areas where I can find daily joy but there seem to be even more areas of frustration. I'm more encouraged by the honest person who can say that sometimes they just want to pack it all in and go live in the woods than I am in the person who claims to have it all together. I don't think any really do. James gives us a promise and some encouragement in verse 12, remain steadfast, just keep on truckin.  Try to remember that this world is not your home and that you just need to finish. You don't need to be first and you don't need to finish strong, just finish. 

Today's workout, Pull intervals
Step, pull up, windmill, hamstring curl,  step over, T, climber, biceps curl

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