Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 4, Isaiah 51 Just hang on, everything is temporary

I'd almost say that everyone goes through difficult times but I know some who've had it much more so than others. At times life can get overwhelming and it's hard to remember that everything will eventually change. Of course the down side to that is that they can get worse. But God says in verse 6 that everything that we see now, including the heavens and the earth will one day be gone. Can you imagine that, all of this is temporary in God's time. The only thing that will last forever is Him and His salvation. I don't know what your situation is today, maybe you're trying to drain a swamp full of gators, or maybe you know someone who is. It may not be much comfort but know that this too will pass. 

Today's workout, cardio intervals
Step, squat, windmill, jump rope, step-over, climber

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