Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9, Isaiah 56 Salvation is for whosoever will

We see that even in the Old Covenant God made a way for the foreigner to come. If a person recognized that The God of Israel was indeed God, and practiced The Law, then they would find salvation.  When you look closely the requirements really haven't changed much. The law pointed to a sacrifice to atone for sins and the promise of a messiah. Salvation today is by faith in Christ, salvation then was by faith in the coming messiah, who is the same person. The differences though are the rituals and regulations. There were a lot of requirements under The Law and keeping the Sabbath was one of them. we're not compelled to do so today, in fact the Christian is not compelled to do anything for salvation, only believe. But there are things that we certainly should do. Jesus condensed The Law into two lines, love God and love people. 

Today's workout, 30:00 any cardio

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