Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 15, Luke 1:1-4 Biographies of Jesus

I've decided to look at the gospel of Luke for a while and maybe go a bit deeper than last time. Here in the first section there are some things which I find intriguing. Luke notes that the reason for his writing is because 'many' others have written already but there is a inference that those may not have been true. Have you ever considered the number of biographies written about prominent people? It goes to reason that there probably were many stories written about Jesus, yet these four gospels are the ones which have survived time. The next item that I am fascinated by is to whom the book is addressed. It's a subtle thing yet I find it profound. The unknown person Theophilus, whose name has two very distinct meanings. Both friend of God, and academic student. Our view of studies today is vastly different, but I interpret the meaning to be that this book is written to me, and to you, being both a friend of God and a student studying Christ.

Today's workout, cardio intervals
Step, windmill, jump rope, Russian twist, step over, climber

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