Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, Luke 1:5-24 A funny thing happened at the altar today

I love this section, it shows God's sense of humor.  Zechariah is ministering in the temple, he would be in the holy place, the area reserved for priests but not in the most holy place where the ark should have been (the ark was lost to Babylon and never recovered).  Zechariah has fallen into the ritual thing, he's doing religion, praying the same old prayers and going through the motions. I really get this, religion becomes stale, we do stuff just because we've always done stuff like this. But then something happens, God actually answers Zechariah. What's hilarious is that Zechariah never expected an answer. And then he argues with the messenger. I think that most of us don't expect an answer, we've prayed the same old prayers and no longer have expectations. I can picture this in my mind, Zechariah has no-where to go, the angel is standing between him and the exit, and he can't go into the most holy place or he'll die. He's standing there with indecision, do I run for it, do I fall down on my face, should I kneel, is he going to kill me? A deer caught in the headlights. I suppose that should God send me an angel today I'll probably behave in a similar manner, I just hope that I won't argue with him.

Today's workout  Push intervals
Step, push-up, windmill, squat, climber, triceps, lunge, shoulder press.

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