Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, Luke 1:57-80 Zechariah preaches Jesus!

Zechariah hasn't said a single word for 9 months. I wonder at the mechanics behind this. Did God remove his vocal cords? Certainly his mouth needed to work in order to eat but he couldn't even whisper. I suppose that really doesn't matter but the engineer in me wants to know why mechanical things work or don't. There can be nothing normal said about the birth of John, his parents are old, I suppose like Abraham and Sarah. The birth was apparently very easy for Elizabeth, and although Zechariah couldn't speak he somehow let Elizabeth know that the child should be named John. I'll try to paint a picture here. From the text I believe that they took John to the temple in Jerusalem to be circumcised. There would no doubt be a crowd in the temple on any day. But today something amazing will happen. Zechariah the priest, who hasn't spoken for nearly a year is going to preach. They're standing in the courtyard near the great brazen altar where bulls and goats are offered, there is a line of people coming with their sacrifices when he begins to speak. He's addressing the lines, today they bring an animal to cover their sins and Zechariah speaks of the savior from the house of David coming. Then he turns and picks up his son; "you will be called the prophet of the Most High." Zechariah then speaks not of covering sins but of forgiveness, a concept that would be alien to them. For more than 1000 years the Jewish people have brought sacrifices to pay for their sins, but now there is a prophecy of salvation and forgiveness. That was radical then and it's still radical now. Many Christians I know don't get this. You don't need to work to pay for your sins, you don't have to live a specific way, just ask. Acknowledge that you need forgiveness and ask. Nothing more, pretty radical eh?

Today's workout, pull intervals
Step, pull up, windmill, hamstring curl,  step over, T, climber, biceps curl

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