Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24, Luke 4:1-12 Prove it!

Think about that simple statement. How often do we either hear it or say it, and what is the motivation? Typically you'll hear this after someone makes a claim that they are or can do something. And from where does the motivation come to seek proof? If I tell you that I can do some specific thing, do you take that at face value? Or would you like me to prove it? And should I prove it? With people it becomes a challenge of sorts, a desire to be right or to win an argument. And it usually begins with someone bragging, trying to bring attention to themselves. The challenger is seeking to discredit them. All through Jesus' life and ministry this has been the challenge to Him, prove it. But He doesn't play the game with Satan then and He doesn't play it today either. History has already recorded the things which He did, if that's not enough proof then there will never be. 

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