Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 25, Luke 4:16-30 It's good news, not religion

Jesus reads from the prophet Isaiah, that He is anointed to preach good news. The reality is that anyone who preaches the gospel message could read this passage and say that it's fulfilled. Here is the good news, this world we live on is broken and filled with evil. But God has prepared a place for His people where they can live with Him forever in perfect peace. And all you need to do is believe. It's not something that you need to buy and it's not based on performance, just believe. Contrast this message with what Jesus says about the drought and the lepers. Naaman was healed not because he did religious stuff but because he had faith and believed, likewise the widow, acting on faith had provisions for the duration of the famine. The men in the synagogue became angry because they're doing religion, that still happens today, religious people have trouble with the message of grace.

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