Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3, James 4 What do you really want?

It seems that everyone I know wants something that they don't currently have, but why? No matter how much stuff we have, we seem to still want more. We're looking for something in the things, some activity to do that will make us happy of feel fulfilled. I know a man who has so much stuff, he built another building just to put his stuff in. On the surface he seems to be a happy man but if you get to know him you'll learn that he really isn't. He's simply driven to get more stuff and with each acquisition he's happy for just a little while. I think this is the attitude that James is speaking about and it's the attitude in our current culture. The world uses advertising which focuses on three things, perceived success, wealth, and sex. Sad to say that in a lot of places the church is focusing on those same things. If you give to this or that ministry then God will bless you and you'll be rich. James says that friendship with the world is enmity with God, why would we think that a relationship with God should look like worldly success? And the word relationship is the key, we've become a culture of texts and tweets, we have little to no personal interaction. Do you want to bring someone to God? Don't make it seem like the world's type of success, build a real relationship where you simply enjoy each other's company. Then introduce your friend to Jesus. I think that if we spent a little more time with people, simply hanging out with dear friends then we wouldn't want so much stuff to feel happy.

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