Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30, Luke 6:1-11 Someone is always watching you

Having someone always watching can be either good or bad, it really depends on the context. In this case it's bad. I've worked with people and I'm sure most others have at least known someone who enjoys finding faults or watching someone fail. I never could quite grasp that concept, we work together for the same company, if one person fails then the whole company suffers. The same cold be said for any organization or country. If a nation's leader fails then the country suffers. So why would someone actualy want someone else to fail? In today's reading the religious community were so caught up in their laws and traditions that they couldn't see the good of healing a man's hand. We may not like everyone that we work with, and we may not agree on their methods, but loving our neighbors means that we work together and help each other.

Today's workout, Push intervals
Step, push-up, windmill, squat, climber, triceps, lunge, shoulder press

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