Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 4, James 5 Pray for each other, and confess your sins.

I think that the first section gets more attention than the last, our society vilifies the rich amusing that they became wealthy by abusing the poor. While that may be true n some cases it certainly isn't the only way. But let's look at prayer. I must confess that my personal prayer life isn't what it once was. We went through a very rough spot for a little over two years and I'm still having some trouble. I do know that prayer is important. This doesn't guarantee that everyone who is sick will be healed by prayer. And the noted prayer of faith isn't the prayers coming from outside, it's the personal prayer. I can't pray for your sins to be forgiven, that comes from within. Finally confess your sins. There is power in a secret but that power is gone when it's no longer a secret. It may be difficult to find someone in whom you can confide your deepest secrets but having at least one person who won't try to fix you but will help along the way is priceless.

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