Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6, I Thessalonians 2 Beware of flattery, and do you really think that you've suffered for Christ?

It's sort of out of sequence but Paul mentions that he brought the gospel with no flattery of flourish of words. I'm very cynical, I've met a lot of people and dealt with a certain crowd who practiced a lot of deceit so whenever someone flatters me I'm wary. Flattery usually leads to someone wanting something from you. They're trying to package it in a way that's more appealing. Paul says he didn't do that, he brought the simple gospel to them. That's a lesson for all times, we don't need to try and make the message of God more appealing, then it becomes a false message. 
Paul glosses over what happened to him at Philippi, saying that they were shamefully treated. This is where he and Silas were beaten to unconsciousness and placed in chains in the prison. In spite of this, at midnight Paul began to sing praises. I hear people speak of how they're suffering for the gospel, really?

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