Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 8, I Thessalonians 4 A life pleasing to God

It's often said that whatever a preacher spends the most time preaching against, that's where he or she struggles the most. I wonder about this with Paul, he mentions sexual behaviors frequently, just a thought. Sex is a powerful desire, and although we may place certain stigmas on some ideas of sex, it's actually a wonderful gift from God in the right context. There are two specific problems when looking at this. Nearly all of the pagan religions involve sexual acts, so many people want to go to the opposite extreme. And although people engaging in such passions don't realize it, these behaviors are self destructive on moral and physical levels. There have been cultures that had large prohibitions against sex, those cultures die out. Sort of self destructive. Any time we move to the extreme of either side of an issue it doesn't work well. The answer to a life pleasing to God is simply balance. A brotherly love and compassion for our neighbors, a sexual love for our spouses. 

Today's workout. Cardio intervals.
Step over, windmill, squat, jump rope, climber

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