Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12 Luke 13:18-21 What is the kingdom of heaven like?

In Matthew's gospel the comparison of the kingdom of heaven is a bit different. There Jesus calls it something of great value. But here it's how do we go from a mustard seed to a tree? Or from leaven to loaves? The kingdom of heaven is a seed, planted in faith, believing that one day we'll see it. And the yeast to leaven, when added into a loaf disappears in the flour. We cant see it now but we know that the bread will rise. So what is the kingdom of heaven like? It's us daily planting seeds in the lives around us, trusting by faith that some of those seeds will take root and grow and in turn plant more seeds.  Just as a small mustard seed can become a great tree, so too the small seed that you plant today can spread to thousands or more. 

Today's workout, legs
step, squat, windmill, hamstrings, step over, lunge

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