Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15 Luke 16 All rich people are not evil

In two places Jesus mentions rich people and they're not cast in a very good light. The first seems fairly neutral but the second is certainly not. Money and financial/social status has been and still is used to separate people. It's also used a lot by politicians to generate class envy, how often do we hear that they want to tax the rich, or that the rich don't pay their fair share? The problem is that we all define rich a little differently. I know some people who I consider rich but if you asked them they'd say they are poor. There is a mentality, which is reinforced for social and political purposes, that the rich are bad because they got rich at the expense of the poor. While this may be true in some places it's not universally true. But what I do see in these stories which is wrong is the selfishness. The servant in the first part and the rich man in the second part. Both of these were controlled by the money instead of them controlling it.

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