Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18 Luke 18:1-8 Pray and don't lose heart. Sometimes hard to do.

We really don't understand prayer, we want to make it a formula which is why there are lots of books written but it's not a formula. It's speaking with God. I see three types of people concerning prayer, those who've prayed and received. They're enthusiastic about prayer, simply follow their method and God will answer.  Those who actually haven't received but have read the stories and heard the testimonies so they too approach prayer with some enthusiasm. Then there are those who've followed all of the instructions, read the books, watched the movies and prayed fervently yet still lost. One person I know went through hell for about two years, he said that praying each day was like going to a neighbor's house and knocking on the door. You can see them through the window, they see you, but won't answer the door. When you do that every day for two years you eventually give up. I've met a lot of people over the years who have not received what they needed through prayer, many were told that they simply didn't have enough faith. Although I'm usually not violent, if I ever hear someone say that I'm liable to punch them in the mouth. The problem with the extreme types of prayer people is that the first is paraded around, God has answered my prayer so you should be encouraged. The last isn't brought up front and the impression is that if your prayer failed then you've done something wrong. I actually believe there are more people in the last group than in the first but religion keeps us from sharing. A common theme that I've found in people who've lost is that they've not just lost the physical and emotional battle. They've lost trust too, trust in God and trust in the people around them. I'm somewhat interested in what comments may come today, this post isn't for the people who praise God for being good because they've received answers. This is for the people who've suffered loss and can't understand why. For those who at times want to say screw this and give up. There are a lot of us out here, there is no answer to the question why. The only thing that keeps me going is I know that only Jesus has the words of life.

Today's workout, any cardio 30:00

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