Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 20 Luke 19:11-27 Don't be paralyzed by fear

There are actually several aspects to this parable but let's look at fear today. There are certainly things to be afraid of but to allow fear to paralyze us is a problem. In this story one of the servants did just that, he was afraid of losing his master's money and afraid of being punished. I really believe that if he'd just tried something and failed the master would have forgiven the loss because he tried. Helping people overcome fears is one reason that I do high ropes training. This past spring we ran about 700 JROTC cadets through the program but there were four that I remember. Those were the ones who were paralyzed by fear, the idea of jumping out of a window 30 feet high was just too scary but we worked it out and they all went. I tell people that they will face a lot of situations in life that are scary. Find a rope to hold on to and jump. With just a little help and support we can overcome all of our fears.

Today's workout.  30:00 cardio

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