Friday, July 21, 2017

July 21 Luke 20:27-40 The most important aspect of Christianity

What do you suppose that is? That God became flesh? That He paid for our sins? These are crucial but the most important aspect of being a Christian is THE resurrection. Jesus told the people that when they killed Him He would rise, not if they would kill Him but when. It was a foregone conclusion that Jesus would be killed and rise again. I don't know what eternity will be like, there are descriptions of the New Earth with streets of gold but simply they're visions. My hope doesn't rest in a prospect of a new earth, my hope rests in that although Jesus was dead, He rose and said that I will too. The church has preached prosperity and deliverance from bondage but I think whats most important is resurrection from the dead.

Today's workout  chest-shoulders-triceps
step, push up, windmill, triceps, climber, shoulder press

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