Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 22 Luke 21 Bad news and good news

Jesus' disciples marvel at the construction and beauty of the temple, history says that it was well made and lavishly furnished but Jesus also says that some day it will come down. Some day everything comes down, simple reality of life. I do find it interesting though that some construction lasts longer than others. I lived for three years in Germany and saw a lot of old stone buildings dating back to the Roman occupation still in use. Probably a lesson about building with rock here. Modern home construction is not expected to last more than 100 years, it's said that's because of changing styles and population centers. I think there's also an attitude shift, this is good enough for my lifetime. Not that it's necessarily right or wrong. But the reality, regardless of how or what we build, some day it all ends in the trash heap. In fact this entire world is temporary. There should be a lesson here to not worship things as they are temporary.  Every generation since Christ has believed they were the last, it's the ambiguity of prophecy. But I look at the section from verses 25-28 and consider how the world itself is changing. Are these the signs that we are THE last generation? For a believer here is the good news, no matter when it happens, as soon as I leave this world I will be with Him. 

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