Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24 Luke 23 The depravity of man has no bounds

This chapter deals primarily with the crucifixion of Jesus, the text can't possibly communicate the horrible method of torture and death that came from that. It truly looks at the depth of man's depravity. Just in the past week or so a video has surfaced of some teens watching as a man drowns while they laugh and joke about it. I see in both the same attitude, life is only worth the entertainment value. In today's reading the people of Jerusalem made a choice of a criminal over Jesus. The only reason I can find is that the criminal doesn't have a standard of life to strive for and Jesus does. Man want's to be totally free, we all have authority issues. We want to establish our own standard of morals. But real freedom actually comes from Christ. We wonder how some of these things happen yet our society has done all that it can to remove God. In the book of Judges, Israel would go through cycles of worshiping God and then apostasy, how much more will it take before we turn back to God?

Today's workout, back biceps
Step, row, windmill, biceps curl, climber, T

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