Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26 Genesis 1 Male and female He created them

There is much in the creation story that will not be known until we get home. The meanings of the expanse, the waters, the void and just how long was a day? But there is so much that is totally clear. God created everything, from the dust on the ground to the fish in the sea God created everything. And finally He created man and gave man the earth to be a steward. But the key is that God created them male and female, so that they can multiply. Somewhere our logic has run amok, people think that sex is a mental thing but it's not. I believe this issue, like so many social issues, is simply a direct rebellion against God. If man can convince himself that there is no male and female then he can argue that there is no God. 

Today's workout, legs
Step, squat, windmill, lunge, step over, hamstrings

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