Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, Genesis 6:1-4 Did angels mate with humans? No!

An unknown amount of time has passed since Cain and Abel, but humanity has done what it's done throughout history. A large portion turned away from God, worshiping self more and these are called sons and daughters of man. The sons of God are those who maintained, or tried to maintain a relationship with God. So this describes for us that God's people were attracted to the people of the world and took them as wives. Just as it happened with Israel after God gave them the law, they too inter married with the pagan women. As far as the meaning of the Nephilim, no-one really knows exactly what it means. In some places it's interpreted as giants and in other places as men of stature or valor or influence. We know nothing of the society at that time so it's possible that they were people high on the social ladder. I know that there are old texts that believe the Nephilim were fallen angels, I don't believe so. Lastly let's look at verse 3, some translations read that God's spirit will not always strive with man. God gives us autonomy, we can make out own choices and He will not fight with us on those choices. Steve Brown used to say that God will grease the tracks in whatever direction you want to go.

Today's workout, back biceps
Step, row, windmill, biceps curl, climber, T

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