Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6 Luke 9:21-62 What does it cost to follow Jesus?

For a lot of people that question doesn't amount to much. In most of the developed world Christians are simply accepted, although climates are changing somewhat. But in a large part of the world it means a great deal. Families will cast out Christian converts. Local governments will levy heavy taxes. And as we've seen more and more a lot of entire families are killed for their faith. For me personally I gave up some acquaintances, they weren't actually friends. And changed some habits, but the cost here doesn't seem that high. When I hear someone make a claim that if I do such then God will do such, I think about some of the people I've read of who've died for their faith. There are no magic formulas, God is sovereign and does what He chooses. When we try to make a life with God some form of obedience and reciprocal action then we've lost what it really is and perverted the gospel. The cost for following Jesus is your life, you may not die a martyr but you must give up your life for Him. It's not about what God can do for you, or me. There are no promises of health and prosperity for Christians, Jesus promised hardships. But in the end there is a promise of life eternal. We want to make coming to Jesus attractive, the fact is that it's really not, at least not at first but forever is a long time and that is attractive.

No workout today. I am having my left shoulder repaired. Outpatient surgery, removing some bone spurs and scar tissue. Had the same procedure on the right side a year ago. If all goes well it should take a couple of hours and I'll wear a sling for two days.

Otherwise today would be a cardio day, 30:00 of anything.

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