Friday, July 7, 2017

July 7 Luke 10 To actually meet Jesus and still say no

When we think of Jesus' disciples we typically think about the 12, but here we're told that He sent out 70 as evangelists or missionaries.  The fact is that anyone who follows Jesus' teachings is His disciple, even today. The text tells us what they were to do in towns that received or didn't receive. I interpret that to mean that some did not receive. I can't imagine how one could actually meet Jesus and not believe yet it's still true. People are proud and stiff necked.

I want to post this update to my surgery yesterday.  The doctor found more damage than the MRI indicated. There were two full tears in the rotator cuff and he installed two anchors to the bone. The anesthesia wore off last night around midnight, I can say that I've never felt that much pain before. Percoset is good though!  Will be 4-6 weeks in a sling, staying focused on the long term benefits, when it's all done I'll be stronger and no more pain when I move the arm.

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